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Innovative baby sling from Japan - Easy to use, Simple, Compact and Comfortable!
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SUPPORi is the latest innovative baby sling made in Japan. It is convenient, durable, easy- to-use, light, safe, simple, and trendy.

Recommended Age

6 months (or when baby can sit up by himself) up to 36 months (15 kg)

SUPPORi Sizing Chart:

Innovative baby sling features:

1. Very easy to use - just 3 simple steps!

Your baby straddles the side of your body. To ensure comfort and safety, make sure that the SUPPORi covers your shoulder and your baby's back and hips.


2. Comfortable - No more stiff shoulders and other related baby carrier injuries.

Conventional baby carriers support baby's weight with the trapezius muscle. This muscle is not strong and has lots of blood vessels, making it weak in terms of carrying a baby's weight. Wearers will suffer from stiff shoulders and related discomfort soon.

SUPPORi supports baby's weight with the deltoid muscle. This muscle is very strong, thus more comfortably carry the weight of your baby for longer periods. In addition, the knit structure can stretch over your shoulder snugly, thus staying in position.


3. Cool - Air Permeability releases baby's heat ensuring comfortable wearing for wearer and baby does not get sweaty

SUPPORI's whole mesh structure provides air permeability, no more sweat and heat rashes!


4. Light and compact - Mothers have enough to carry around.

With diapers, bottles, bibs, wipes and extras to carry, moms are often overloaded. Conventional carriers are often bulky and heavy, weighing in at around 700 - 800g. SUPPORi weighs only 80g for a size medium, very compact and easily fitting into your palm or handbag.


5. Safety - The unique shape and stretchiness catch your shoulder and your baby's hips and back perfectly.

For safety, SUPPORi baby slings are made with the best choice.

  • Material: ultra-durable yarn which is used in automotive vehicle applications. In addition, we triple three plied thread to achieve maximum strength.
  • Production: latest weaving machines are used
  • Inspection: all parts are made in Japan and inspected in order not to pass small defects

Support correct positioning of baby-wearing

SUPPORi supports the C curve of baby’s spine in which it extend horizontally to cover the baby’s back. Its elastic net fits snuggly maintaining baby’s C Curve.

According to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute*, “the healthiest position is for the hips to fall or spread (naturally) apart to the side, with the thighs supported and the hips and knees bent”. Carrying baby in SUPPORi allows this frog-position or M-Position.


Suppori Sling Reviews

"I love how the sling is handy for going out for a short breakfast or shopping trip as it is easy to put him in and take him out."

- Madeline Heng, Mum of 2, Singapore, 26 June 2014


"This simple baby sling looks really sleek and easy, just my kind! Although carrying a 10kg baby on just one side of my shoulder, I felt nothing when I first tried it on my deltoid muscle. The baby sling somehow stretches and then hangs and support Khye's weight steadily. And I could still do sightseeing and shopping with me babywearing him, and still got 2 hands free!"

- Tan Shu-Yin, Mum of 2, Malaysia, 9 May 2014

"SUPPORi Baby Sling is breathable, due to its unique woven mesh that the sling is made of (a plus point, when the weather’s warm!)."

- Leonny Atmadja, Mum of 2, Indonesia, 14 May 2014



"My daughter is very clingy to me, so the sling greatly helps especially when we go for a long walk. The material is light and airy which is very important to keep my little one stay cool and calm. And a bonus is the whole sling fits into my pocket so we never need to lug an extra bag when we need to dash out of the door."

- Ankur, Dad of 2, Singapore, 28 May 2014

"Sangat nyaman menggendong Louis dengan SUPPORi. Louis berusia 10 bulan dengan berat 10 kg, cukup pegal kalau menggendong dengan selendang batik kami selama ini, lalu SUPPORi datang dan masalah pegal2 pun lenyap."

- Irma Hariawang, Mum of 1, Indonesia, 12 June 2014


How to Use

Suppori Sling Awards


International award-winner

Good Design Award-Japan-2010

Naissance Award-France-2011

Parent Tested Parent Approved Award-USA-2011

Creative Child Top Choice Award-USA-2012

Mom’s Choice Award-USA-2012

• Parents World Award-SG-2016


Featured in leading publication

Featured as one of the best baby carriers by, Singapore edition