Ardent Mom Cooler Bag Violet

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Ardent Mom Cooler Bag (Violet)
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Ardent Violet

It is a small and stylish cooler kit bag which looks just like your cosmetics bag. *wink-wink*

It is also a matching cooler bag which we design to go with our Ardent Mom breastfeeding bag and of course it's good on its own OR with our Awesome Mom and Celebrity breastfeeding bag too.

It is very convenient to carry around or just pop it into any bag you want! No one will suspect that you're carrying around your precious milk until they accidentally touch on the bag which is cold!

It holds 4 to 6 storage bottles and 2 to 4 icepacks. You need to make adjustment on the number of bottles and icepacks.

The bag is very well insulated and your precious breastmilk will be kept safe for more than 12 hours, when use with good quality icepacks, such as our Jingle Jungle's. :)