SgBum, Organic Fitted Diaper with Pink Button

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Organic Fitted Diaper
Multi Variant
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Soft Natural Fabrics

SgBum Organic fitted diapers use natural fabrics made of 50% organic cotton and 50% coolplus. This combination has fantastic and instant absorbency. It is also safe and comfortable for baby’s skin, making in the premium choice for fitted diaper. Because of the great absorbency, it is perfect for night time use. Simply wrap the fitted diaper with snug-fitting diaper cover to make it water-proof.

Product Highlights:

  • Adjustable diaper size to fit from newborn to toddler:
    • Small setting: Fold front tab to adjust diaper size
    • Large setting: Unfold front tab
  • High quality snap closure
  • Soft natural fabrics with 50% organic cotton and 50% coolplus
  • Fantastic and instant absorbency
  • Additional 2 snap-in boosters to increase absorbency and perfect for night use
  • Soft and elastic gussets to prevent red mark on thighs
  • To be wrapped with snug-fitting diaper cover


Configurable One-Size Fitted Diaper

Simply fold the front tab to adjust the diaper size for smaller baby.



Prewash diaper at least 3 times before initial use. Natural fabrics have better absorbency with more washes.