SgBum Diaper Cover - Brown

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SgBum Diaper Cover - Brown
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No more pins! Simply wrap SgBum Diaper Cover over prefolds, muslin squares or fitted diapers. It is easy to use using hook and loop closure tabs and great for day time use, as it can be used several times without washing if wiped or allowed to air dry between uses, and thrown into the wash along with other diapers.

SgBum Diaper cover is made of double layer compounded polyester knit with TPU lamination in between which is waterproof and breathable. So, there is no plastic next to baby’s skin. Moreover, the material is soft, stretchy, durable and most importantly healthy and bio-degradable. There are inner leg gussets designed for leakage protection. Again, the one size feature makes it an economical and convenient choice for parents as it can be used from newborn.