Burt's Bees, Dusting Powder, 7.5 oz (Exp 10/2020)

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Burts Bees Dusting Powder 7.5 oz
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Make baby smell as sweet as can be with a kiss of this natural, talc-free and absorbent powder. Non-irritating, this safe and effective powder makes your baby’s skin soft, dry and oh-so smooth. Which can’t help but make you both feel extra-comfy.

• Absorbs naturally on skin
• Talc-free
• Keeps skin soft, dry and comfortable with Cornstarch
• Clinically proven and pediatrician-tested
• Non-irritating, safe, and hypo-allergenic
How to use it?
Smooth the powder liberally onto your baby's skin, especially on the diaper area and reapply as needed to absorb dampness, being careful to avoid baby's face.
Featured ingredient: Cornstarch (Zea Mays)

A skincare secret from the Plains. Cornstarch is a super absorbent natural substance derived from the Corn Plant. Incredibly versatile, it can act as a bulking agent or natural moisturize absorber. Best of all, its botanical nature makes it safe and smooth for topical use. Who knew starch was so smart?

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