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PITTARi Wrap is a compact, light, thin, and breathable baby wrap combined with waist belt and storage pouch.
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PITTARi Wrap is a compact, light, thin, and breathable baby wrap combined with waist belt and storage pouch. The Power Mesh material is superbly stretchable and cooling. It gives the best experience of bonding with your baby or toddler securely.


Retail Price 

SGD 88

Recommended Age

From newborn (around 3.5 kg) up to 36 months old (15kg).

Currently available in Black


Innovative Design

Unlike other baby wraps, PITTARi comes with a waist belt and storage pouch. There is less fabric required because of the waist belt, making it shorter for easier use. The fabric can also be stored in the attached storage pouch, making it compact to carry and store.

Stretchable & Breathable

PITTARi is made with Power Mesh material, which allows the wrap to be highly stretchable so you can bond with your baby securely. This material is also thin, light, and breathable - giving it a cooling sensation. Hence, it is comfortable to be used in hot climates.

Easy, clean, compact

Compared to other baby wraps, PITTARi outperforms the rest because it is easy-to-use, clean, and compact.  


How to Wear




"Aside from the initial uncertainty of the two long cloths, I absolutely love the PITTARi. After mastering the art of putting the carrier on(which is A LOT easier than it looks!), I put my 1 month old infant in it. The stretchability of the material allows the baby to slip into the carrier with ease, while securely snuggled up onto my chest. The super light & breathable material keeps us both cool & comfortable.

I didn't have any stiff shoulders as the wrapping gives a very wide and even weight distribution around my shoulders and back. The waist pocket is not only a genius design to keep the wrap neat when not in use, it also gives extra support on weight distribution." 

Ping, Mum of 1 month old, Hong Yu, Singapore