Shoul Raku Baby Carrier

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Shoul Raku Baby Carrier Designer Made
Multi Variant
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 Renowned Designers' Series

Scandinavian Pattern Collection’s baby carrier is a designers’ series by the renowed Edholm and Uilenius, the renowned graphic designers & illustrators often engaged by UNICEF, Paul Smith, Absolut Vodka, Ikea, and other international brands.


 Recommended Age

From newborn / 10 days old (infant insert is required) up to a weight of 15kg

Face to face: A child who can hold his/her head up unsupported. Approximately 4 months old (6kg) - 24months old (13kg)

Piggy back: A child who can hold his/her head up unsupported. Approximately 4 months old (6kg) - 36months old (15kg)

Waist belt size is up to 105cm.




Beautiful & Comfortable

Not only it comes with irresistably beautiful design, it is also very comfortable because the material is very soft.


The safety support and safety belt prevents baby from falling out of the carrier.

Suitable for all weather

Quick change to mesh. For use in different climate / temperature. When not in use, the cloth can be stored in the waist pocket. 


Useful Add-ons 

It also comes with Rain Cape and Shoe Pouch. The rain cape will protect your baby from rain and wind. It can also be easily attached to the loop of the shoulder belt. The Shoe Pouch can be attached to the waist belt.


Head-support Hood

It helps support baby’s head when he/she is sleeping. The length of the head-support hood’s strap is adjustable.


 Infant Insert

Infant insert is required for newborn up to around 4 months old (when the child can lift his/her head up unsupported).

Sold separately at SGD 58.



 Matching Accessory

Using the same beautiful design and soft material as the baby carrier, this doll carrier is perfect for your bigger child to cuddle his/her favorite dolls/toy friends. It’s also a perfect gift for the bigger sister / brother when you’re having a newborn baby. They can imitate just how you lovingly embrace your little one.

Sold separately at SGD 68.